5 Tips How to Prevent Mold in Your House

Did you know that mold spores are everywhere and are notorious for causing reactions such as puffed, stuffy or runny noses, itchy eyes, rashes, and even asthma attacks?

The best way to solve this possible issue is with Mold remediation. This process can help to improve the air quality, your good health and is key to keep your house in optimal conditions.

If you want to prevent the issue even before it starts, follow these simple but effective tips:

  1. Organize and clean the area. You can use a solution of Vinegar or Tea Tree Oil. These are effective and safe fungicides.
  2. Control water and moisture. One way to do so is covering dirt in crawlspaces with plastic to prevent moist coming from the ground.
  3. Fix leaks immediately, even the minor ones within 48 hours to prevent mold growth.
  4. Install and clean the vents in the kitchen, dryer, and bathrooms to remove moisture to the outside.
  5. Have your air-conditioning checked regularly. Some part of the equipment can become moist or damp which could be a source of mold if not maintained properly.

If you’re concerned that your home or business may be harboring some mold growths, give us a call to our 24/7 line! Our team of experts will work hard to make sure that your home or business is completely free of mold growths. We take a lot of pride in getting the job done right every time and make sure that all contaminated surfaces are completely cleaned and restored.


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