Water Restoration Process

Step 1 – Contact the professionals

Call the experts at United Water Restoration of Austin and provide the necessary information regarding your property loss. Our representative will immediately dispatch a technician to assess your property damage.

Step 2 – Assessment

Once damages are assessed, a quote is written and presented. Payment can either be submitted via cash, credit card or an insurance claim. Although filing a claim can be quite intimidating, we are here to offer our assistance throughout the whole process.

Step 3 – Commencement of work

  • • Photos are taken of the residential or commercial properties
  • • Proper equipment is prepared
  • • Expert crew is assembled to perform duties

Step 4 – Demo Process

Once approved by the owner and/or the insurance company, the first day of demolition consists of the removal of the pre-approved damaged areas. This may consist of the removal of baseboards, laminate flooring, carpet padding and toe kicks of cabinetry. It also may be necessary to drill holes in the walls to expedite the drying process. Additional approval may be required for the demolition of the following items:

  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Bathroom Vanities
  • Drywall more than 10sqft
  • Tile
  • Ceiling drywall

Step 5 – Dehumidification and Dry Out

Technicians will install state of the art equipment. This includes industrial dehumidifiers, air movers and the use of the Injectidry System to dry out cabinets, walls and flooring. For the elimination of odors, we use air scrubbers with a carbon filter, a Hydroxyl generator or a fogging machine which consists of antimicrobial agents.

Step 6 – Sanitation & Sterilization

Areas are kept clean throughout the restoration process. Once materials are dried within the requisite drying standards, equipment is removed and technicians start the final cleaning process. This includes but is not limited to wipe down of walls, the mopping of floors, cleaning of vertical surfaces, sweeping and vacuuming all affected areas.

Step 7 – Restoration

After all these steps are performed to the owner’s satisfaction, the property should be restored in accordance the IICRC standards.