1. Ignoring Safety. This is relevant for any and all home improvement project. Simple precautions (like wearing safety goggles, not overloading outlets and turning off breakers) will not only save you a few extra bucks, also from disaster.
  2. Skipping the Primer. A coat of primer will seal the surface, provide durability and create a solid bond for the paint to adhere. The only time primer may not be needed is when latex is being painted over latex and the colors have a similar match.
  3. Forgetting Ductless HVAC Systems. Don’t forget to consider an energy-efficient ductless heating and cooling system if you’re remodeling. Installation or redoes of any duct work will not be necessary, saving you time and energy.
  4. Forgetting About the Subfloor. Laminate flooring needs an underlayment/vapor barrier for almost any surface it is being installed upon. It will be protected from moisture and help with soundproofing. With hardwood floors, use a subfloor compound to ensure an even-leveled surface. If laying tile in a bathroom, cement backer board should be used underneath.
  5. Not Getting Necessary Building Permits. The last thing anyone wants is to put forth great effort and time in building an impressive deck, only to have it ripped up because you didn’t get any permits. Research rules and regulations for building permits, codes and inspections before you start any remodeling project.
  6. Don’t Get the Wrong Style Window. The wrong windows can have consequences on both the interior and exterior of the home. Make sure the window’s style matches the appearance and architecture of your home’s exterior. On the inside, windows have a direct effect on the light, ventilation and temperature of the home.
  7. Not Using a Professional. If you unsure on how to proceed with your home renovation, why waste your time and money on uncertainty. Call United Water Restoration Group today, as we are a full-service restoration company. 877-855-4145