Light Switches
Any “do-it-yourselfer” can change out a faulty light switch or install a new dimmer switch. The main factor to keep in mind is to turn off the breaker switch at the fuse box for the room you’ll be working in. If you aren’t too comfortable with your fuse box, just cut the main power for this quickie repair. However, if your project requires more, like wiring for a new light, it’s best to call a professional.

Overhead Light or Fan Installation
If you have intermediate DIY skills and know your toolbox, then you should be able to install an overheard light or ceiling fan. It’s an easy job for a handyman, as long as there’s existing wiring. If not, it’s recommended to call your electrician.

Leaky Pipes
A leaky pipe or faucet doesn’t require a lot of experience to correct yourself, but not all leaks are the same. Some leaks are more complicated than others. If you tighten up everything and the pipes are still leaking, then it’s time to call in a professional, like United Water Restoration Group, Inc.

Bathroom Fixtures
The fancier your vanity or sink is, the more difficult the job will be. Kitchen sinks and bathroom vanities are more complicated due to the needs of fitting into an existing structure; some carpentry might be involved. A toilet installation isn’t the most difficult thing to do, but there isn’t much room for trial and error. If your toilet is off by a few inches, it can affect the seal and it can end up leaking. Stay away from any kind of shower or tub installation unless you have plenty of work experience.

Electrical Outlets
Like a light switch, changing out an electrical outlet is something a novice “do-it-yourselfer” can handle. The task is quite simple: cutting the power at the fuse box, removing the outlet from its existing wiring and attaching a new one. The real trouble comes with an older home with outdated wiring. Modern home electrical systems are clearer, but installation diagrams of older homes may be yellow or brown. A power meter comes in handy, but it’s better to call in a professional, like UWR.