February is Fire Damage Restoration Month @ United Water Restoration. We hope that you & your family never have to deal with the devastation that a home fire can incur, but if you do, we are here to help.

Fire damage is serious business. If you’ve recently been through a fire, then restoration is critical to get you back into the home or business that you have worked so hard to maintain.

Fires cause various and complicated types of damage and can truly ravage your home or business in more ways than are immediately apparent. While fires can simply burn up your belongings and parts of the structure, the intense temperatures can also cause a variety of swelling, buckling and warping of appliances, countertops, office equipment, flooring and more.

Also, the smoke from the fire damage can seep into your furniture, upholstery, drapes, wooden structural components and any other porous materials, and if it goes untreated the smell of smoke can linger for years. Fire damage restoration is an in depth process that includes more than just repairing the damaged structure. Between repairing fire damage, treating the smoke smell, removing smoke stains and thoroughly cleaning fabrics and furniture, good fire damage restoration restores everything in your home or business to as near the way it was as possible.