Home Restoration Services In Great DemandWe saw a friend of ours— a plumber— on the street the other day. We were comparing notes about our businesses, as friends do, and he asked me why there seemed to be such a crying need for clean-up from various household disasters like floods or storms.

It got us thinking about how Americans feel these days about our homes. One friend has just finished supervising the construction of a custom home in Jupiter, Florida. It’s a beauty. Spacious, on the Intercoastal waterway, great pool and deck for entertaining (and for the kids) . . . . He couldn’t stop bragging about it.

And tell the truth, we were not jealous. We knew we would spend a fair amount of time in that pool, or enjoying a snack on that very deck and watching our kids cavort in the pool.

But this illustrates the difference in attitude between previous generations’ home-owning and this one. We love our homes. They are more than places to eat, sleep and shower. They reflect our personalities and our place in the world.

United Water Restoration Arrives With the Solution

The flip side of that is, what happens when something happens to these castles? We are deprived of our cocoons. Moreover, the stuff inside the house is nearly as important— sometimes more important— than the home itself. Clothing, computers, games, sporting goods, prized heirlooms, carefully chosen home decor, fine silver . . . .

“In 2011, the American home was worth an average of $242,000, up from $42,000 in 1975.”

Consider just a few sources of angst:

  • housing of today is made from materials that can harbor mold, recognized today as a major health threat
  • our matching spreads and draperies, carpets and upholstery are priceless
  • 2011 home was worth an average of $242,000, vs. $42,000 in 1975
  • computers now contain a lifetime’s worth of photos as well as financial documents
  • less than 24 hours after a flood there is permanent damage to a home’s structure and contents

Damage to the home is not a physical assault, it’s personal. People react on an emotional level. While not everything is restorable, of course, much of the damaged contents and furnishings can be restored, refurbished, renovated . . . . and the house and lives can be made whole again.

Call United Water Restoration For Speedy Response

home restoration services in great demandYour first call should set things in motion. Our team has been trained to react immediately. Whether it’s drying, treating materials, removing mold spores . . . . There’s a reason why the EPA recommends hiring a professional in the wake of water damage. It’s not a business for amateurs.

With our system, we have the tools and the training to handle all kinds of residential damage, from a leaking pipe to a tornado. The first step is to assess the situation. Then, without undue delay, get to work.

Before you become the victim of an event, keep our number in a convenient place: 800-430-5838. You want to have that number in hand when the water hits the fan, to paraphrase an old saying.