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Household Disinfectants: A Complete Guide

home disinfectants

Household disinfectants play an important component in guaranteeing a virus-free, clean home. Picking the right household disinfectants can be tough, as there are thousands of products at any given store. All of these products typically boast about being the best and being able to kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria. While these household disinfectants can work wonders still, they may not all be what you need or want. 

United Water Restoration Group would like to discuss household disinfectants and help you pick the right one for the job. During this blog, we are keeping a conscious mind about the current situation we are facing. Our recommendations will be based around which can curb the spread of the coronavirus as well.

Coronavirus Household Disinfectants

Though most household disinfectants say they kill 99.99% of germs, that may not be true. The myth of the 99.99% claims has been explained as companies advertising the killing of specific bacteria and germs. While most disinfectants can kill a majority of viruses, not all are suited to kill or remove the coronavirus. The CDC states that the only classification for the coronavirus is list N type disinfectants

List N household disinfectants will kill a majority of bacteria and viruses, but has been proven to kill off the coronavirus as well. To discover list N disinfectants, you have to read labels on bottles and seek its classification. Though it may have the label of N classification, this does not mean the EPA approves the usage of this product. When buying household disinfectants, be sure to thoroughly read the bottle. 

Use Chemicals Safely

Household disinfectants can prove to be dangerous to use under many circumstances. While using these products, we highly recommend having ventilation, protective gloves, and protective eyewear. Most disinfectants have similar instructions, be sure to read the labels and fully understand the instructions and precautions you need to take. List N disinfectants can help prevent the spread of the coronavirus in your home while also providing it with a thorough clean. 

The best way to properly clean and maintain your home is to clean regularly. For most household disinfectants, it is recommended to dilute them with a certain amount of water. Depending on what the label says, this water can be room temperature, hot, or cold. Typically it is recommended to do it with room temperature water, though. 

Disinfecting Your Home

Before undertaking the job, be sure you have a plan of action set in place. Though disinfectants can assist in killing viruses and bacteria, it may not be suitable to clean surfaces cluttered with objects. Disinfecting your home may require preparation and cleaning and clearing. United Water Restoration Group provides disinfecting services that can guarantee your safety and give your home a deep and thorough cleaning.

Our services utilize EPA-approved household disinfectants that can help kill and remove the threat of the coronavirus. To learn more about our disinfecting services, we encourage you to check out our blog about them! If you’d like to utilize United Water Restoration Group’s disinfecting services, you can contact us and schedule an appointment with the closest office on our website!

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