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How to Make Hand Sanitizer

hand Sanitizer

Coronavirus has changed many things in America and all around the world. Hand sanitizer has become a frequently used item that feels almost like a necessity when going out. Burning through a bottle of hand sanitizer can happen in a flash. These small bottles can protect you but also cost a good bit as they run out so quickly.

Hand sanitizer is crucial to the average person on the go. Having a plethora of sanitizer available to you can help ensure safety. Learning to craft your own sanitizer can help save money and protect you while you’re out. United Water Restoration Group would like to provide tips on making your own sanitizer. 

Making Hand Sanitizer

While some people may prefer to get scented hand sanitizer from stores, these items can rack up money spent, though. Creating your own hand sanitizer can be achieved with relative ease at your own home. The ingredients for creating homemade hand sanitizer are also rather simple and may be something one already in your home. To create sanitizer you will need rubbing alcohol, aloe vera, and essential oils to bring in a preferred scent. Jagdish Khubchandani, PhD, associate professor of health science at Ball State University’s hand sanitizer recipe is the following:

  • 1 part aloe vera gel
  • 2 parts isopropyl alcohol (91%-99% alcohol)
  • A few drops of your preferred essential oil

To create the hand sanitizer, you will want to pour the rubbing alcohol and aloe vera gel into a bowl. Once the items are in the bowl together, mix them until they are blended together. During the mixing stage, you can add essential oils to make your sanitizer scented. Aloe vera will help add thickness to the concoction and add moisturizing benefits to your homemade sanitizer. 

If you are interested in making large batches of hand sanitizer, the World Health Organization that requires the following: 

  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Glycerol
  • Boiled cold water or sterile distilled water

To create the larger batches of hand sanitizer, you will need more equipment that may not be commonly found in a home. Items such as a large pot can assist in making larger batches. Larger batches and recipes provided by the W.H.O. are typically meant for batches to communities as opposed to a single home. These batches can create strong sanitizer, however, due to the size of their batches, scenting the sanitizer may not be an option for most.

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