Call the Jacksonville office of United Water Restoration Group, Inc. at 904-207-7143 to inquire about our water restoration services. We also welcome Jacksonville residents to stop by our office, conveniently located at 6970 Business Park Boulevard, Unit 8 in Jacksonville, Florida 32256.

If you discovered any leaks or flooding inside your home, then it’s essential to call a professional as soon as possible. We collaborate with many leak detectors and master plumbers in the Jacksonville area to ensure that your special water damage needs are met from all angles. Whether you discover water-logged spots immediately or a later period, your health (as well as your family’s) health can be at great risk. If not treated immediately, water damage can lead to moist, humid conditions that mold thrives in. Mold contamination isn’t always visible right away, and can for weeks or months before being detected. Mold growths can lead to drastically reduced indoor air quality, contribute to various health issues, and cause your Jacksonville home’s materials to rot and breakdown at a rapid rate.

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