mold removal and remediation

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC), molds that grow in homes as well as commercial facilities, have the potential to cause respiratory and/or allergic reactions in some people, and animals.

What can be done to avoid mold growth in kitchens, bathrooms,
and other moisture-prone areas?

The experts at United Water Restoration Group, Inc. (UWRG) recommend proper ventilation, identifying problematic areas, and maintaining low humidity level. Cleaning surfaces regularly with soap and water, or a solution of one cup of bleach to one gallon of water regularly will also help to keep mold at bay. An important word of caution: never mix bleach with other cleaning products! This can result in the release of potentially toxic fumes.

If mold is already present, it can spread rapidly. Mold removal and restoration may require the professional expertise that UWRG offers. When disasters strike in the form of heavy rains, floods, hurricanes, or even when a pipe bursts and mold begins to grow, time is of the essence. UWRG professionals provide rapid damage assessment, and the skilled knowledge of how to get the job done properly, thoroughly, and safely.

Removing wet carpet, dry wall, any affected materials, and stopping the damaging effect of mold is vital to securing the safety of your home and business. Maintaining a safe and healthy environment for you and those who those who are most important to you is why the experts at United Water Restoration Group, Inc. pride themselves in their work.