Contact our Naples Florida office at 239-344-7896 and visit the premises, located at 6120 Lee Ann Lane in Naples, Florida 34109 for all of your plumbing needs. Whether you have any leaks or drips, or all-out flooding in your Naples home, it’s vital to have a reputable full-service company like United Water Restoration Group, Inc. to properly handle the water damage situation. We collaborate with many leak detectors and master plumbers in the Naples area.

Water damage poses a very serious threat to your Naples home. Not only will the structure and building materials of your Naples home become water-logged and swell up and/or warp, but if the issue is not resolved in an immediate manner, the water damage can lead to moist, humid conditions. These environments are perfect for mold to thrive in and grow. Mold contamination may not be noticeable at first, and can be inside of your Naples residence for weeks or months before being spotted. The effects of mold are reduced indoor air quality, hazardous health risks, and the breakdown of your Naples home’s foundation.

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