Got leaks, flooding or drips in your Orlando home? Well United Water Restoration Group, Inc. can take care of any plumbing emergency, as we work with many leak detectors and master plumbers in the Orlando area. Call our Orlando Florida office for water / flood damage restoration today at 407-209-3711. Feel more comfortable in talking to a professional technician in person? Visit our Orlando Florida office, conveniently located at 7006 Stapoint Court, Suite 1 in Winter Park, Florida 32792.

Do not underestimate the water and/or flood damage to your Orlando home. The materials used to build your Orlando home can absorb large amounts of water, eventually resulting in irreparable swelling, warping and buckling. Your furniture and upholstery will become soggy and moldy; cabinetry and other wooden structures will get bloated and warped; drywall / plaster will crumble and cracked. Water damage can lead to moist, humid conditions that mold thrives in, which can result in poor indoor air quality, health issues, and the rotting of your Orlando home’s construction materials.

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