Throughout America’s history, floods have devastated cities and the lives of many homeowners. However, for those that face continual flooding, the issue no longer is a problem that is caused by natural disasters, but rather one that the city government is responsible for. Such is the case of Peoplestown, a neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia, that has been experiencing continual sewage flooding for over a decade as a result of the area’s poor city planning. A recent report from NBC highlights the community’s fight to bring this problem to the attention of Mayor Kasim Reed in order to find a permanent solution. As a company specializing in the structural repair of water and sewage damage, United Water Restoration expands on the ways one can correct this hazardous issue.

According to the article, the sewage that erupts on a regular basis has been responsible for countless incidents of property damage. One resident complains of losing his car, another his business and one homeowner highlights the damage the floods have done to her fence. Although the city has responded with cleanup, the residents believe the only solution is to fix the problem entirely. In the article, Kevin Lynch, homeowner, expresses the community’s frustration with the poor city planning, “We’re disgusted by the smell of it. We’re disgusted by the expense. We’re disgusted by the disruption to our lives. We want the mayor to step up and accept responsibility. Mayor Reed may not have created this problem, but he needs to be a leader and fix it now.”
Regardless of what causes Category 3 water loss, or sewer damage, United Water Restoration Group explains that the materials that expel onto these properties are not only harmful to structures, but to residents health as well. The Florida-based business has become a leader in repairing a wide array of damage caused by water, sewage, fire and smoke damage and uses advanced technology to ensure that buildings are up to code following an incident. However, in the case of Peoplestown, United Water Restoration believes that continual cleanup is not a strong enough solution—the neighborhood needs prevention.

The article notes a response from Mayor Reed, expressing that he and his team will determine the cause and solution of the flooding within a year’s time. If Reed lives up to his promises, United Water Restoration encourages affected government officials, business owners and homeowners to seek thorough cleaning and repair. In a recent press statement, the company explains their proven approach to correcting such destruction, “By containing unaffected areas of the home, United Water Restoration is able to keep them untouched by the damage. Next, our professionals make sure to clean and remove any affected areas of damage before we begin working on restoring the home back to its natural state. Our state of the art modern equipment makes it possible to remove all contaminants as well as any lingering odors.”

United Water Restoration Group is a structural repair company with offices located throughout the state of Florida. The company specializes in mold remediation, sewage removal and water, storm, and fire damage repair. The company maintains solid customer support and offers 24/7 emergency response.

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