holiday fire safety

The holiday season is a time to celebrate family and friendships. Hosting a grand holiday party or having top of the line decorations could be a few of your main priorities, however, keeping your loved ones safe during this holiday season should be at the top of your list.

Here are some easy fire safety preventative tips to remember:

Christmas Trees

According to, from 2011-2015, U.S. fire departments responded to about 1,000 home fires that began with a Christmas tree. Any fire that reaches a Christmas tree has the potential of spreading much faster in far less time. Keep your household safe by placing Christmas trees (real or fake) away from any heat sources, such as heat vents, Christmas lights, fireplaces, and plugs or outlets. If you’re using a real Christmas tree this year, make sure to water your tree based off of the recommended amount of time (once a day) to keep the tree from drying out. A dried out tree is more likely to cause a winter holiday fire and warrant the services of a contractor who does ceiling repair..

Holiday Parties

Before throwing any holiday parties, test your smoke detectors before-hand to ensure they are up to code, with working batteries. You’ll want to inform your guests about your fire escape plan in case of an emergency. Smokers should always be directed to smoke outside, and there should be a spot to properly dispose of cigarette butts. For example, try leaving a deep ash tray with water or sand outside to guarantee that the cigarette flame is completely out when discarding. Kids and pets should stay away from lit candles, lighters, or stovetops at all times. .

Holiday Lights & Decorations

While shopping for your holiday decorations, pick items that are flame resistant or flame retardant and keep decorations away from any heat or electrical sources. Remember, not all lights and plugs are created equal! Always confirm the items you’re buying are correct for indoor/outdoor usage. If you’re using previously bought, or used lights, always make sure to test them for shortages or any electrical disturbances before using. We recommend using light clips to hang your lights instead of nails. Nails may puncture the Christmas light wires and cause an electrical fire.


Always follow instructions on fireworks packaging. Lighting fireworks away from any humans, animals, buildings, trees, and telephone lines can prevent injury, costly repairs, and the need for a restoration company who does ceiling repair. Fireworks should be handled by a responsible adult. Children and pets should always be supervised by an adult before, during, and after the fireworks show.

Stay safe this holiday season! If your ceiling takes any damage from holiday decorations, contact United Water Restoration for ceiling repair. Our Fire Damage specialists will help clean any area where smoke was present.