1. Get as many recommendations as possible on your chosen contractor; call for references. Full confidence is trust is crucial, as the contractor will be working in your home.
  2. Plan ahead on the renovations that you want. Otherwise, you might be pointed to spending more money than previously intended.
  3. Review the home renovation details in writing from the contractor before you sign it. It is a key point to ensure that you and the contractor are on the same page with the renovations.
  4. Having issues with one or more workers? Talk immediately to the head contractor about it.
  5. Make sure there’s enough leftover paint for touch-ups and record the type / color of paint used in each room.
  6. Ensure that the contractor cleans up the mess every day. It’s hazardous to have dust circulating through your heating and cooling system.
  7. If drywall is included in the project, change your air filters during and after the renovation. The amount of drywall dust during a renovation can exceed your expectations and damage can be done to the HVAC system if air is passing though unclean filters.
  8. Be prepared to make A LOT of decisions.
  9. DO NOT make the final payment until everything is completed!