Is your septic tank backed up? Then call United Water Restoration Group, Inc. to pump it as quickly as possible. Sewage cleanup from a septic tank backup or clogged sewer line is a dirty job that a professional will finish. But it’s never a bad idea to start cleaning up until your plumber arrives. Before you do, protect yourself from bacteria-ridden sewage by wearing rubber boots, gloves, and a mask.

  • Shovel solids into a heavy plastic bag and dispose in a trash receptacle.
  • Soak up liquid with paper towels or rags, and dispose in plastic bags.
  • Use a wet/dry vacuum for small areas or to suck up any remaining puddles. Unclog the drains before disposing the contents.
  • Tape a path of plastic sheeting to the floor to avoid soiling other parts of the house.
  • Place all affected, damaged and undamaged outside to air out.
  • Throw out carpets and rugs.
  • Thoroughly mop the area with a solution of bleach and water mixed 1:1.

Only time will get rid of the odor. Open windows and use box fans and dehumidifiers to air out the area for up to a week, possibly two. United Water Restoration Group, Inc. will do the sewage cleanup work for you, from pumping and wiping up the gunk to deodorizing and restoring carpets and floors, if possible.