Unmonitored Appliances
Appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, and other equipment that uses water should be professionally inspected on a yearly basis. Taking these devices for granted without proper examination can lead to small puddles throughout your common areas without you realizing it!

Fiberglass Insulation
Many property owners use fiberglass or other similar components as “extra insulation” for their basement or underground room. While this solution may work in certain cases, it usually can go haywire. If your underground basement is flooding, the fiberglass could actually trap wetness in your surfaces instead. It’s better to use substitute insulating material in areas that are more vulnerable to surging, like cellars and lofts.

Unmanageable Weather
A lot of rainfall, snowfall, or ice, can cause quick, unexpected leaking in your house. In some cases, climatic damage is not noticeable until several weeks or months go by, as the deterioration may not be visible within the surfaces of your house. Keep a sharp eye on your ceiling and around your house during unpleasant climate to ensure that water leakage is not occurring.

Blocked Gutters
While clogged rainfall gutters are not an immediate issue, with enough rainfall falls they could be. With continuous volumes of water hitting your roof, serious damage can be done if the gutters are full of blockage. Lingering water can seep into the roofing shingles and even damage the base of your house; water should always be running from the home’s foundation. Clean your gutters out at least three times a year to be safe.

New Landscaping
Landscape modifications can add value and aesthetic appeal to a house, but sometimes quality and climate are not taken in to account. If you notice that water lingers or runs towards the base of your home, then you should contact the landscapers for solutions in turning the tide. Landscape tweaks may be necessary to prevent structure damage due to water saturation.

Defective Warming Device or A/C
Old or faulty air conditioners and heaters are amongst the top cause of inundation. Although these systems may appear to work efficiently, if routine inspection is not executed, then the issue can be overlooked until it’s too late. Repairs or a replacement can be costly t your budget and quite stressful. Hence, damage control places like United Water Restoration (water damage Tampa Florida) should be contacted if these issues arise. 877-855-4145