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What is Smoke Damage Restoration?

Smoke Damage Restoration

If your home or business has recently dealt with a fire event and is still dealing with damages such as odor or discoloration, smoke damage restoration is one of the few ways to correct these issues. Though some smoke damage seems minor, certain types of smoke damage can seep into cracks and porous materials. This causes a lingering odor and potential deterioration of the material. It can typically only be resolved and fixed through smoke damage restoration. 

In the United States, there are over 1 million fires every year. Though that number doesn’t only affect buildings and homes, those numbers are still in the hundreds of thousands. Fire damage is a common occurrence with hundreds of home fires every week.

A structural fire occurs every 63 seconds, every 87 seconds a home fire occurs. United Water Restoration Group, a fire, mold, water, and flood remediation company, would like to discuss smoke damage restoration. We would like to inform you on our process and what to expect from our smoke damage restoration services.

Step #1: Emergency Contact

The first step to our smoke damage restoration process is contacting our emergency hotline. United Water Restoration Group’s emergency hotline, (800) 430-5838, is open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. This hotline will place you in direct contact with one of our certified technicians in a matter of minutes. From there, they will discuss the amount of smoke damage and try to gain a better understanding of your situation.

Once you have described your situation, our technician will be able to schedule an on-site appointment that best fits your schedule. Depending on the amount of services required in your local area, one of our technicians may manage to be at your property within a few hours. Regardless, our technicians will work around your schedule to get there at a convenient and quick time. 

Step #2: Inspection & Assessment

Once a United Water Restoration Group technician is at your property during the scheduled time, they can begin work. This step of the smoke damage restoration process is about gauging the amount of damage dealt to your property.

Our technician will go all around your property, inspecting the damage, and have a full report detailing the damage and what needs to be done next. United Water Restoration Group technicians are more than willing to go over their report with you. They will answer any questions you may have about the next steps to our smoke damage restoration process.

Step #3: Boarding & Tarping

Fire and smoke damage can cause structural integrity of a building to weaken. Certain fires may also leave parts of the home or business exposed to the elements. During a fire, damage to a home’s roof or ceiling and windows are common. By nature, heat rises, and it rises quickly and with force in the case of a fire. If your home or business’ ceiling, roof, or windows are damaged, this step of smoke damage restoration starts. We will begin our smoke damage restoration process with boarding and tarping affected areas. This will help prevent further damage from exposure to elements, such as water damage.

Step #4: Removing Water Damage 

Though water damage isn’t likely your first thought when thinking about fire and smoke damage, it typically isn’t far behind. Though the fire department is equipped to combat and soothe fires, they typically use water-based equipment to achieve this goal. Fire departments are not responsible for the water used to put fires out, which means water may seep into the floor or building.

Exposed roofs or destroyed windows can also cause water to seep in from outside and cause further water damage. Water removal is a common part of fire and smoke damage restoration. During the step of the process, our technicians will drain your home or business of any excess water to prevent damage.

Step #5: Removing Soot & Smoke

Once we’re able to protect your home or business from further damage, we can begin removing soot and smoke damage. Our technicians come with specialized equipment that is designed to pull soot and smoke from the most porous objects. This equipment eliminates the odor while also helping restore items that were affected by the fire and smoke damage. Smoke damage can seep through cracks and become rooted in any material. This step of the smoke damage restoration process will seek to remove soot and smoke from all affected areas.

Step #6: Sanitizing and Cleaning

While removing soot and smoke damage can help tone down the odors left from a fire, it won’t completely erase them. During this step of the smoke damage restoration process, we will begin sanitizing and cleaning the affected areas. This will help prevent further damage while completely eliminating the odors caused by smoke damage. United Water Restoration Group technicians come with specialized equipment such as air scrubbers that will clean, sanitize, and revitalize your home or business. During this part of our process, we can begin restoring and cleaning affected items such as clothing, furniture, and other personal effects.

Step #7: Smoke Damage Restoration 

After the water, smoke, and soot are all removed from your home or business and we sanitize affected materials and areas, we can begin restoring your home to a state of normalcy. Fire and smoke damage can be destructive and leave your home or business in a state of ruin. United Water Restoration Group technicians are fully equipped and trained to undertake renovations that may be necessary to bring your home or business back to pre-loss condition. We can handle minor things such as replacing drywall to major projects like replacing walls, carpeting, and repairing structural integrity. 

United Water Restoration Group is a company that focuses on fire, mold, water, smoke, and flood damages. We have offices located all across the United States where all of our technicians are certified and up-to-date on all practices.

To learn about the closet United Water Restoration Group office to you, go to our website and input your zip code to our database. We provide services in Ormond Beach, Florida, Jacksonville, Florida, Daytona Beach, Florida, Orlando, Florida, Tampa, Florida, Melbourne, Florida, and many other locations around Florida!