Mold Testing Pompano FL

If you suspect mold or any kind of bacteria in your Pompano home or business, it is extremely important to approach this with the utmost importance.

mold testing pompano beach flMold in your home can affect your health, and also affect the health of your loved ones, or employees (in a place of business).

If there is anything such as water damage to your floor, ceiling, or the inside of your walls, you should immediately call a restoration company that specializes in:

The experts in treating mold in Florida is United Water Restoration, Inc. of Pompano. They will remove all mold immediately.

Mold Testing in Your Pompano Home

When testing for mold in your home or business, samples are taken from the air and surfaces where mold is suspected to be present. These tests are usually to determine (1) if mold exists in your home, (2) what kind of mold is it, and (3) can the mold grow in the particular area where it is tested.

Air Samples

When sampling air, different methods are used, but the main one is the spore trap. The spore trap is when air passes through a spore trap sampling device with a sticky surface. In this case, the particles of the mold are captured on this surface. The trap is then sent to a laboratory for analysis to determine the type of mold.

Surface Samples

Surface samples are commonly taken in three ways including bulk samples, swab samples, and tape samples. Bulk samples includes sampling a large area within the Pompano home or business and sent to a mold testing laboratory.

Swab samples are cotton swabs that are rubbed against the suspicious area and sent to the mold testing laboratory. Tape samples capture the mold on a clear piece of adhesive tape. The tape is pressed against the surface and removed. Any spores present are affixed to the adhesive, which the laboratory can analyze through testing.

Mold Kits – Should You Use Them In Your Pompano Home or Business?

mold testing company pompano beach flMold testing should be done by a professional to insure safety, and to make sure that it is handled in a diligent manner.

When collecting your own mold samples with mold kits, they can be confusing and misleading.
At times, the kits may say that there is mold present when in fact there is none.

Other times, the kit may say there is no mold present, when in actuality, there is an abundance.
This can cause a huge inconvenience to the occupants of a structure. Also – there may be an issue with the area which is being sampled.

For example, after water damage, there may be mold growing in the ceiling, but you are testing it inside of a wall. It is extremely important to make sure that you are testing the correct area in your Pompano structure.

A restoration company such as United Water Restoration, Inc. of Pompano can reach those “hard-to-reach” areas. Even the most unsuspecting areas such as the inside of a crack within the foundation.