Water Damage Restoration Port St Lucie Florida
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Water Damage Restoration Port St. Lucie

It doesn’t matter whether or not it was caused by a broken pipe, fire harm, storm, sewage backup, or another accident. You can always depend on United Water Restoration of Port St. Lucie professionals to quickly restore your home or business.

We will have your property restored as quickly as possible, as well as completed, cleanly and stress-free. Be assured that your water damage restoration is done the right way, after you put the right team, our team, on the job!

As stated above, an inflow of water into your home or business may happen for a variety of reasons; a burst pipe, a washer malfunction or a restroom overflow. Whatever the cause, excess water will have serious adverse effects and cause water damage terribly quickly. Water damage will cause wooden floors to rot, destroy your furniture and other belongings, and even compromise the structural stability of a building. Left untreated, a water emergency will quickly produce an atmosphere for mold to grow and create a significant risk to your family’s health.

Our Process:

  1. Water Extraction

    – The first step to removing water damage is to assess the damage, by getting a visual survey of the area, make sure the area is safe, and ensure the power is shut off as needed. Next you must extract all water from any seen and unseen places. Water can be hidden in small cracks and holes that are easily unseen to the human eye. Having your area water-free will prevent future mold growth.

  2. Structural Drying

    – Following the water extraction, the drying can begin. United Water Restoration of Port St. Lucie will immediately start to dry and dehumidify the affected areas.

  3. Mold prevention

    – Following the water extraction and the structural drying process, it is imperative to cleanse the area thoroughly to prevent any mold growth. We will begin our final cleanup by removing our equipment, as well as any remaining dirt or debris.

It takes the proper combination of expertise, equipment, and teamwork to properly handle water damage remediation. Our clients in Port St. Lucie have benefited greatly from our water damage cleanup process. Once the restoration work is finished, United Water Restoration of Port St. Lucie will work with you to help prevent any mold contamination from occurring in the future.

To speak with one of our professionals today, call (772) 360-4600! We’re waiting to hear from you!