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Water Damage Costs

Water damage cleanup can unfortunately become quite an expense. Several factors will help to determine the ultimate cost of your water damage restoration. The cost varies immensely depending on the components listed below:

  • The location – Water damage coming from an attic or location upstairs, will typically result in a lot more damage and a much higher cost than water damage that occurred on the ground floor.
  • The materials affected – Depending upon which structural materials (i.e. a carpet on a concrete slab, or bathroom tile on a wood subflooring), there is a huge variation in scenarios regarding what can safely be salvaged and what should be removed and replaced.
  • The duration of the flooding – The size and duration of the flooding are significant because the more water that flows in and floods your home or business, the more time it will take to clean it and dry it, leading to a larger cost.
  • The category of water – There are three categories of water damage which greatly impact your situation depending on which you are flooded with.

Three Categories of Water Damage:

  • Clean Water – is water that comes from indoor plumbing and pipes. This water is also known as “risk free” water, as it does not pose any health threats.
  • Grey Wastewater – is water that comes from areas which may harbor biological, chemical, and physical contaminants. This water is usually the dirty water from a washing machine. Inhabitants will become extremely ill.
  • Black Water – is the most expensive flooding because it is exceedingly toxic. This water contains sewage water and other toxins. This water poses the highest health threat to anyone who is exposed to or comes into contact with it.

There is an incredible amount of causes of water damage. They can range from a very complex situation, to an extremely common one. Some of the most common causes of water damage to be aware of are; burst plumbing pipes, leaky toilets, leaky roofs, broken or leaking water lines, the improper installation of windows, and the improper installation of doors.

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