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Water damage can pose a very serious threat to your home. Whether the problem is a leaky roof, burst pipe, or a flooded basement, it’s important to take care of the issue as soon as possible to prevent the serious water damage that can occur.

Often, water damage has a cumulative effect, which means that more damage is done to your home the longer that the leak or flood goes unchecked. There are plenty of ways that water damage can harm your house, and not all of them are obvious. The materials used to build your home can absorb surprising amounts of water, which, while it may contribute to the leak looking less serious at first, will eventually result in irreparable swelling, warping and buckling.

As standing water becomes absorbed by the different components of your home, you’ll notice your furniture and upholstery becoming soggy and moldy, your cabinetry and other wooden structures bloating and warping, and you drywall or plaster crumbling and cracking. When it comes to water damage, it’s critical that you act fast so the problem can be taken care of as cost effectively as possible.

Water damage alone can ruin furniture, cabinets, walls, floorboards and more, but that’s not where the problem ends. When this damage is not treated immediately it leads to the moist, humid conditions that mold thrives in. Mold contamination isn’t always visible right away, and can sometimes grow for weeks or months before being detected. Mold growths in your house aren’t just unsightly, either, they can lead to drastically reduced air quality in your home, contribute to a variety of minor health issues, and cause your home’s construction materials to rot and breakdown at a rate far faster than normal. Don’t allow your home’s water damage to develop into a much bigger, more expensive problem.

If you’ve noticed any leaks, flooding or drips in your home it’s important to fix the problem as soon as possible by a reputable plumber, even if it seems relatively small. In reference to this, United Water Restoration Inc. Works side by side with many leak detectors as well as master plumbers in your area. Do not hesitate to call us for water damage, flood and or a reference for a respected plumbing company.

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