Mold Inspection Services

The first step to removing mildew is to dry out the infected space and fix the source of the problem. Mold may be cleaned off hard surfaces, however, ceiling tiles, flooring, and drywall might need to be discarded. Rooms that are subject to high moisture, such as a kitchen, ought to be aired out and cleaned often to stop the mold from returning.

It’s always best to hire a knowledgeable mold inspector to demonstrate the mold inspection for you. Due to mold inspectors’ expertise and their experience with areas where mildew most frequently hides, you can make sure that if there is any mildew present in your home, they’re going to find it and remove it.

Our mold inspectors use special instruments such as moisture meters and fiber optics. This equipment enables them to seek out hot spots where mold is possibly growing and peer into hidden areas like behind walls. This allows our specialists to find any and every hidden mold while barely distressing your home or business.

What is a Moisture Meter?

A Moisture Meter

A Moisture Meter

A moisture meter is an instrument that measures the moisture content of assorted building materials. Some of these materials include roofing, siding, insulation, plaster, and wood. Structural and safety hazards, like mildew, rot, and decay, are all potential consequences of elevated moisture levels in these materials. A United Water Restoration Inc. specialist will use a moisture meter to find wetness that may not be noticed by the human eye.

When can a moisture meter be helpful?


  • If a home or business has been vacated as a result of flooding. A moisture meter will help figure out when occupants can re­enter the property.
  • ­Prior to a home being purchased, a moisture meter may determine if leaks are present in the house.
  • When determining if the wood is dry enough to be painted.
  • To determine if the wood is dry enough to be stained.
  • To determine if the wood is dry enough to be installed.

People who are concerned regarding mold negatively impacting their indoor air quality ought to get a United Water Restoration Inc. mold inspection. When you are selecting a corporation to handle this kind of inspection, you must search for an organization you’ll be able to trust. With four locations, and unmatched experience; that’s precisely what we are! To speak with a mold inspection specialist today, call 1-800-743-2064!

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