Mold Removal Products

Our mold removal team and work force are trained in mold remediation activities and have years of experience.

Mold Removal ProductsOur experts are professionally trained in the mold cleanup of indoor air contamination in mold-contaminated structures and have performed this type of work in all building structures, such as; schools, buildings, and hotels.

We are frequently asked questions concerning the most effective mold removal products. For example, a common question we are asked is if products like bleach, ammonia, or vinegar can work as well as mildew remover.

Everyone wants to avoid spending as much money as they can, while using products that are readily available. However, they not only want products that are easy to obtain, but also products that actually work. Otherwise, they’re simply wasting their energy and giving the mold more time to spread to alternative areas of their home or business.

Ineffective Mold Removal Products

Most people believe that bleach is effective in mold removal, however, using only bleach is merely effective if the mold is growing on non-porous materials like tiles, bathtubs, glass and countertops. Bleach can’t penetrate into porous materials, therefore, it doesn’t acquire contact with mold growing to a lower place the surface of materials like wood and drywall. Using bleach on these materials can kill the mold on top of the surface, but the roots among the fabric will remain and the mold will return before long. Other products that people attempt to use to remove mold are vinegar, tea tree oil, ammonia, and other assorted household cleaners. Some of these more common methods used to remove mold contain fungicides and toxic chemicals, which are not environmentally friendly. Consequently, we highly recommend against using any of these products.

Another disadvantage of using these cleaners, specifically ammonia, is that it’s a harsh, toxic chemical. The gas produced by other img_8735-e1chemicals, such as bleach, being combined with ammonia is, in fact, deadly. Chlorine mixed with ammonia was even used as a weapon of mass destruction throughout World War 2. Bleach and ammonia not only pose a threat to your health, but they also have negative effects on the environment. Fortunately, there are environmentally friendly methods of mold remediation available. These green, eco-friendly methods can range from easily DIY solutions, to more complex methods such as those used by our mold remediation specialists here at United Water Restoration Inc.

What You Should Do?

If you’ve recently detected mold or mildew around your residential or business property, your best bet is to contact the mold removal professionals at United Water Restoration at once. Don’t make the mistake of attempting to eliminate your mold drawback with over-the-counter merchandise that are troublesome to use and frequently less effective than professional mold and mildew removal. Instead, leave your mold issues to our licensed and insured mold contamination specialists. We will safely remove mold and mildew from your property with skilled precision, making certain that the area is safe and healthy. We only use eco-friendly, non-toxic products to help aid the mold removal process, therefore you will not be facing hazards from robust chemicals or dangerous odors. If it’s not environmentally safe, we won’t be using it! We’ll get your house safely cleaned of mold quickly and efficiently.

Mold health problems are a growing issue in homes throughout the country, and have long-running effects on adults and kids. With United Water Restoration, you won’t have to worry about the removal process posing a threat to your family’s health as well. You’ve got enough to worry about, leave the mold removal to us. We are waiting for your call today! 1-800-743-2064