Mold Removal: Understanding the Process

Mold is caused by water damage and excess humidity. The look of your property will be unpleasant once mold is present. Unfortunately, it decreases your property’s real­estate value.


Even though the mold isn’t visible it may be detected with a musty smell from within the walls, ceilings or airway system.

Porous materials that contain more than a tiny amount of mold ought to typically be removed from the building and discarded.
For example, carpets, ceiling tiles, insulation, wall boards, and bedding. Since these kinds of materials will promptly absorb important amounts of wetness, the mold growth may be far more pervasive, and deep cleanup of embedded mold may be terribly tough and long.

In addition, once porous building supplies are damp they, unfortunately, have a tendency to lose their structural integrity.

Mold Removal Process

  • Wear protective equipment such as gloves and a mask. Safety is always first.
  • Mix water and detergent to create a solution which will help to control the dispersal of dust upon removal of the mold. Spray this solution lightly on the mold, saturating the mold will result in it spreading and affecting a larger area of your property.
  • Place any items contaminated by mold in a bag and dispose of it.
  • Mop the work area using your water and detergent solution.
  • Vacuum the area using a high ­efficiency vacuum.
  • Make sure any remaining materials are completely dry before replacing your furniture back to the way it was.

Testing For Mold

There are numerous home mildew testing kits on the market. However, specialists stress these kits ought to solely be the primary step.

Mold removal technician testing for mold

The testing kits sometimes come along with a swab which will collect a small sample of mildew.

Some kits are designed to gather and grow mildew in an incubator whereas others can instruct the user to send the sample in for research lab testing.

Home mold tests may be deceptive as a result of them not providing an indication of the quantity of mold present or how dangerous it really is.

Hiring a Mold Removal Professional


United Water Restoration Inc. understands the serious risks associated with mold exposure. Mold can actually be a serious threat to your health. We provide emergency mold removal services 24 hours a day. After removal, our specialists will treat the infected area to prevent the most from spreading or from returning in the future.

Our mold removal specialists are accredited and professionally trained in correct mold identification and removal techniques. Here at United Water Restoration, we use industrial instruments and cleanup products to kill and remove mildew and mold colonies from your house or business.


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