Sewage Cleanup & Restoration

Sewage water leakExposure to Sewage and Bio-Hazardous material can pose serious health problems and consequences.

Our sewage back-up removal services are designed to provide you with quick and safe removal of any Bio-Hazardous waste.

United Water Restoration Group Inc. is armed with the latest technologies and equipment to turn your contaminated areas back into safe habitable zones. Detailed descriptions of all our sewage removal and restoration services are listed below.

Our Sewage Overflow Restoration Services:

Sewage Removal

This first step to sewage damage restoration is the removal of any sewage that has been deposited in the affected area. This involves the drying and removal of waste accumulated in the damaged areas.

Proper Waste Disposal Techniques

All of the accumulated waste from the sewage damage is then handled carefully and disposed of in proper waste carrying receptacles.

Deep Cleaning of Building and Contents

This is essential for several reasons. First, by cleaning the damaged areas we are able to remove any odor or stains associated with the sewage damaged areas. Second, a deep cleaning helps prevent the spread of mold or other hazardous health issues associated with the spread of disease or pests.

Bio-Washing of Affected Areas

This helps to get deep into floors and walls to remove any harmful waste and sewage that may be built up in hard to reach areas of a home.

Sanitization of Damaged Areas

This is the final and most essential step to our sewage restoration process. By sanitizing the damaged areas we prevent the spread of disease or viral infections contained in the sewage.

banner-6This is the final seal of protection which will make damaged areas inhabitable once again.


Sewage Damage Restoration Professionals

We are your restoration services company of choice. There is no sewage removal job big enough for our professionally trained teams.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is an important part of keeping your home as comfortable and beautiful as possible.

As a full-service restoration company, we understand the importance of maintaining all of the different parts of your home.

carpet-cleaningAfter water extraction or mold remediation has been completed in your home or office, it is very common that particles of dirt and debris can be lifted from the fibers in your carpets causing residual stains and discoloration.

It is almost always advised to get your carpets cleaned after water or mold remediation has been completed in your home. Most people do not know that this service can be covered under their homeowner’s policy. United will provide all necessary services that need to be completed in order to assure your home is left in pre-loss condition? (In some water extraction situations, carpet cleaning may not be necessary).

We work with professionals that use only the most modern and effective equipment for carpet cleaning, to guarantee consistent results every time.

Our team is available for your home emergencies and can arrive at your house within an hour of your phone call!

Whether you just need to get your carpets extracted, cleaned or you’re in the midst of an emergency flood situation, give us a call now for an immediate response!


Call us anytime at 1-800-743-2064 to speak with a water damage specialist!