Emergency Water Removal

Emergency Water Removal

If you are the victim of a flood or a burst pipe, it is important to get help from a certified water restoration company immediately. The longer water stands, the more damage it can cause. The disruption in your daily routine will throw your life into chaos as you try to salvage belongings, and calling United Water Restoration for 24-hour water restoration is the first step to regaining a sense of normalcy. We will help you evaluate the damage, get rid of standing water, and restore your home or business to its former glory as quickly as possible.

When Is Water Removal Necessary?

Any kind of standing water in your home has the potential to cause devastating damage. Not only does water become contaminated over time, but it could also hide debris, holes, and dangerous objects. Water can also be absorbed into floorboards and sheetrock, resulting in a weakened building structure.

As a result, buildings are compromised, valuables get lost, and families are sometimes misplaced for a while if standing water is not removed promptly.

How do you know if it is necessary to contact a water removal company? If you are dealing with water that has flooded an entire room, even if the water is shallow, the best idea is to contact a professional. Whether the problem has arisen from a natural disaster, a burst pipe, or an accident with your dishwasher or washing machine, the water left behind could cause hidden damage that only an expert can identify and repair.


What Steps Are Involved in the Water Removal Process?

When you discover a water leak or a flood in your home, it is a good idea to contact a water restoration company immediately. When United Water Restoration responds to your call, we follow the steps below to make sure we address every possible problem that could arise from water damage.

  1. Stop the source of the leak or flood: It is difficult to remove water if the leak is not plugged beforehand, so our first step is to identify the source of the problem. If a burst pipe is the root cause, we get it replaced quickly. If a flood is the problem, we create barricades to keep the water as contained as possible, and if the source is a leak, we patch it.
  2. Remove the water: Next, we use top-of-the-line water-extraction tools to get rid of the standing water. The help of high-powered vacuums and pumps allows us to remove every drop of water from your home or business.
  3. Dry out the area: Once the water has been removed, we can begin the drying-out process. We use state-of-the-art drying fans and dehumidifiers to leech moisture out of every crevice in an effort to salvage as many of your belongings as we can.
  4. Treat the area for mold: A secondary problem to worry about with a flood is the growth of mold. Because the fungus thrives in any damp environment, it often appears after standing water is removed from a building. We prevent this from happening by treating every inch that standing water has touched with mold-prevention chemicals.
  5. Restore damages: If your building’s structure has been compromised or the interior has been left in shambles due to water damage, we use contractors to restore the building. We make sure the building is structurally sound while replacing any interior elements that have been damaged, including columns, carpet, and sheetrock.


What Should You Do in an Emergency Involving Water Removal?

Quick intervention is the key to salvaging as much as possible when you are dealing with a standing water emergency. Whether you have encountered a flood at your business or at home, there are a few steps you should take to help take care of the problem.

First, attempt to turn off power to the affected room, but do not put yourself in danger. If you can reach the breaker without standing in water, disconnect power to avoid any electrical hazards during cleanup. If you cannot safely reach the breaker box, wait for a professional.

Second, take pictures of the damage. Not only will this help your insurance company, but it will also help our team at United Water Restoration to accurately assess any damage and help restore lost items.

Third, call a certified water-removal company to ensure every trace of moisture is removed from your home or business. Attempting to clean up yourself may seem like a convenient, cost-efficient solution, but it is difficult to completely remove moisture without the right tools. If moisture is not completely dried out, secondary problems could arise.

How Is the Water Removal Process Different for Commercial and Residential Properties?

While many of the steps are the same for removing water whether the disaster has struck at your business or at your home, there are a few minor differences. At your business, machinery may have been damaged by the water, so we ship any damaged items to our factory to be completely restored. If there is structural damage, we use contractors to fix the building so you do not have to worry about any lawsuits, lasting damage, or lost business.

Why Should You Call United Water Restoration?

During the stressful event of standing water flooding your home or business, you want someone who is compassionate and honest to help you in the water-removal process. At United Water Restoration, we are dedicated to helping you regain control of your life as quickly as possible, and we do so by hand-picking our team. Each member of our water-removal team is customer oriented and committed to providing you with reliable service to make this taxing time as easy as possible.

When you call us for help, we respond immediately because we understand that time is of the essence when it comes to standing water in your home or business. Our fast response time helps minimize the damage that the water causes, but it also allows us to accurately assess the situation so we can help you restore what was lost. We are open 24 hours every single day to ensure that you have a reliable water restoration company to depend on no matter when disaster strikes.

Our core values are accuracy, honesty, and sincerity, so you can feel comfortable trusting our team during this overwhelming time in your life. We promise to respect your property and pay close attention to ensure that the restoration is completed as quickly and accurately as possible so you can regain some normalcy in your life. With 14 years in the industry, we have a reliable reputation you know and trust.

How Can You Get Your Life Back to Normal as Quickly as Possible?

When you are dealing with a flood, whether its source is a small leak or an overflowing toilet, your life can be thrown into disarray. Thankfully, you can depend on United Water Restoration for emergency water removal whenever you need it. Call us anytime, day or night, to get standing water removed and your home or business properly dried out and treated. Quick intervention is vital to getting the problem under control and salvaging both property and personal belongings, so don’t hesitate to call us at the first sign of trouble. Armed with the right tools and knowledge, we can restore both your property and your life to normal.