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Aftermath: "What Do I Do Now?"

It goes without saying that a property fire can be a traumatic experience. What people rarely think about, is the aftermath though. The mess left behind itself is a stressful task. For fire damage restoration in Daytona Beach, Florida, United Water Restoration Group can be your new beginning.



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Our Fire Damage Restoration Process in Daytona Beach, Florida


1. Give Us a Call

You can contact our service hotline at (386) 677-1856. Our hotline can place you in contact with a certified technician who can assist in creating a convenient appointment to assess your property that fits your schedule and needs.

2. Damage Assessment

After a team is dispatched, we’ll begin to assess the damages to your property. This step serves as the foundation for fire damage restoration in Daytona Beach, Florida.

3. Protecting Your Assets 

Any openings in your roof will be covered with tarps, and damaged walls and windows will be temporarily boarded up to protect from the outside elements.

4. Removal of Water

Water damage is common after a fire. This could come either from busted pipes on your property that were damaged or from the hoses used to extinguish the fire. Our teams are equipped to deal with water damage as well as prevent the forming of mold, and it’s an important part of fire damage restoration in Daytona Beach, Florida.

5. Residue & Odor Removal

Smoke and soot is often the messiest part of a cleanup. We’ll take the time to make sure it’s removed from even the most sensitive surfaces to bring them back to pre-fire conditions. The lingering odor of smoke under normal circumstances would be overwhelming, but our experts will even be able to take care of that.

6. Sanitization Process

The use of fogging equipment and air scrubbers is applied to purify the air, making it safe to breathe by restoring air quality. Personal items, furniture, etc. are carefully cleaned to bring them back to pre-fire conditions if the damage is repairable.

7. Final Touches & Restoration

The final step of our service is to make physical repairs to the structure. Damaged walls, roofs, windows, etc. will be taken care of. Whether it’s a small fix or a major project, your fire damage restoration in Daytona Beach, Florida isn’t complete until this step is through.


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Don’t Delay, Call The Restoration Professionals Now

After dealing with the aftermath of a blaze, you’re going to want a fresh start as soon as possible. United Water Restoration Group can be your solution for fire damage restoration in Daytona Beach, Florida. Call today at (386) 677-1856.

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