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A Better Way To Combat Mold

For mold remediation in Daytona Beach, Florida necessary to stop mold dead in its tracks, you can count on United Water Restoration Group’s methodical process to bring your property environment back to healthy, safe levels. Mold remediation in Daytona Beach, Florida can bring your property back to its normal conditions. 

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Mold Remediation in Daytona Beach, Florida: The Process Step-By-Step

1. Contacting Our Service

If you suspect a mold infestation or see obvious signs, reach out to our United Water Restoration Group service line at (386) 677-1856. Our service line can place you in direct contact with one of our certified mold experts who can schedule a convenient appointment to inspect your property.

2. Mold Assessment

Once our mold remediation experts have arrived, they will inspect your property from top to bottom. This includes obvious areas where microbial growth can be seen and areas where they are often hidden out of sight.

3. Mold Inspection

If we discover less than ten square feet of microbial growth, we can begin remediation immediately. If more than ten square feet of growth is discovered, an air quality testing company will be required to take samples in the property. This is per Florida statute XXXII, Chapter 468. They will come in and take samples inside and outside of the property to compare spore counts. If they detect mold, they will determine the level of contamination and type of mold. They will then provide us with a protocol that will help us remediate the mold and return your property back to a safe, normal living condition.

4. Restoring Air Quality

Once identified, our mold experts will isolate the mold so it does not spread further. This is achieved by building containment barriers and placing the area into a negative air state. With this step, the process of mold remediation has begun.

5. Removing Mold Contaminated Items

Our mold experts in Daytona Beach, Florida will remove contaminated materials such as drywall, insulation, furnishings, and carpet that are damaged beyond repair. Once those materials are removed, a HEPA vacuum system is used to clean the exposed areas. All areas will then be treated extensively with antimicrobial agents to prevent future outbreaks.

6. Item Cleaning and Odor Elimination 

Personal items from clothing to furniture and everything in between are treated with various cleaning techniques to eliminate any lingering contaminants. Mold infestations typically have a musty smell associated with them, but that odor is eliminated through our fogging process on site.

7. One Final Step

Any materials that had to be removed from the site will be replaced. These can range from small repair projects to major reconstruction of previously affected areas. Once our process of mold remediation in Daytona Beach, Florida is finished, there will be no noticeable signs of damage. 

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Let Us Handle Your Mold Remediation Needs

If you suspect or see obvious signs of mold, don’t hesitate to call. Call United Water Restoration Group at (386) 677-1856 for mold remediation in Daytona Beach, Florida. In the fight against mold, every minute counts.

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We are 24/7 Water and Mold Damage Emergency Response Team.

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