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The Police Are Gone, Now What?

In the aftermath of a crime scene, as the flashing lights and various emergency services fade away from view, then what? Many people don’t realize it, but beyond responding to an emergency and investigating a crime scene, emergency services are not responsible for a cleanup effort. That means you, the property owner, are left to do it alone. United Water Restoration Group believes that you shouldn’t have to, and we offer crime scene cleanup in Jacksonville, Florida.


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Our Crime Scene Cleanup Process in Jacksonville, Florida


1. Give Us a Call

After emergency services have finished their work and departed the scene, you should reach out to our emergency service hotline at (904) 469-1606 for crime scene cleanup in Jacksonville, Florida. United Water Restoration Group’s professionals will soon be on their way to aid you.

2. Assessing The Area

Once the team has arrived, they will begin to carefully assess the crime scene to determine the best course of action. Our certified technicians are equipped and trained to deal with everything from body fluids to environmental damage, so you won’t have to.

3. Isolation of The Scene

Our team will isolate the crime scene in preparation for cleanup and sanitization. The idea is to keep a bad situation from getting worse, so preventing any additional messes is a priority during crime scene cleanup in Jacksonville, Florida.

4. Crime Scene Cleanup

Biohazardous waste (this can include organic matter, bodily fluids, and blood) is handled with care and properly removed from the site. Environmental debris is removed at this time as well in preparation for the end of the cleanup restoration.

5. Deep Sanitization

Our team will begin a deep sanitation process through the crime scene that includes the use of disinfecting cleaners, air scrubbing, and fogging methods to ensure a spotless and sanitary environment.

6. Restorative Measures

After everything cleanup related is completed, our team will repair any environmental damage that took place at the crime scene. This will bring our services for crime scene cleanup in Jacksonville, Florida to a close.


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Breathe Slow; We've Got This

You’ve been through enough, we can take it from here. After such a traumatic event, crime scene cleanup shouldn’t fall on your shoulders. Call United Water Restoration Group at (904) 469-1606 today.

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