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After Disaster, Take A Breath

Water damage can feel overwhelming. You may ask yourself how it could’ve happened to you, but the truth is water damage is a common headache for property owners across the nation. United Water Restoration Group is ready and available to conduct water damage restoration in Melbourne, Florida, and we’re only a call away.


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Our Water Damage Restoration Process in Melbourne, Florida


1. Call Now

When it’s time to call for water damage restoration in Melbourne, Florida, United Water Restoration Group can be reached at (321) 348-4639. Depending on the situation, we can have a certified technician on-site in as little as an hour.

2. Water Inspection

Once the team arrives, they’ll begin investigating the source of the water while assessing the situation as a whole. This will be a critical moment in establishing the best approach to the water damage restoration project as a whole.

3. Removing Standing Water

At this stage in the restoration, the team will use high-powered pumps and wet vacuums to initiate the draining of all standing water. While this process is underway, we’ll begin the use of dehumidifiers as well to begin removing moisture out of the air.

4. Drying Out Your Property

After the water has been completely drained, our team will begin absorbing excess moisture out of your furniture, walls, and flooring. This is to ensure that items that wouldn’t otherwise dry quickly or efficiently enough on their own are properly taken care of to avoid additional damages.

5. Sanitizing The Site

Antimicrobial and antibacterial treatments are implemented after your property has been dried thoroughly to ensure the safety of the environment. This step by our teams is nearing the end of your water damage restoration in Melbourne, Florida.

6. Water Mitigation

Once everything has been sanitized, we’ll be able to get to work addressing any damage that occurred as a result of the water damage.

7. Closing Restoration

Our final walkthrough is to assure customer satisfaction and address any lingering concerns. We’re here for you, and when it comes to water damage restoration in Melbourne, Florida, the job is only over when you’re comfortable with the results.

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If you’re finding yourself ankle deep in water, call United Water Restoration Group without delay. Reach out to (321) 348-4639 for water damage restoration in Melbourne, Florida today.

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We are 24/7 Water and Mold Damage Emergency Response Team.

We’re a full-service restoration company specialized in Water Damage, Flood, Fire, Storm, Sewage, and Mold Remediation. We have over 14 years of experience in this industry and have helped thousands of home and business owners in restoring their property to pre-loss condition.

We guarantee our work and have handpicked our staff so that we never lose that “personal attention” that you rarely receive in this industry today.

We look forward to working with you and will always provide professional and friendly service!

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