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The Police Have Left, What Now?

When you’re dealing with the aftermath at a crime scene, you don’t expect the mess to remain on your hands. Sadly far too often, that’s exactly what happens. As the investigators clear a crime scene and the lights of emergency vehicles pull away, the mess is yours to handle. We at United Water Restoration Group feel it doesn’t have to be this way, and we offer our services for crime scene cleanup in Orlando, Florida when you’re in need.


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The Crime Scene Cleanup Process in Orlando, Florida


1. Give Us a Call

When emergency services have finished at the scene, contact United Water Restoration Group’s service hotline at (407) 278-7715. Our service line can place you in direct contact with one of our certified technicians in a matter of minutes.

2. Initial Assessment

When your assigned team arrives, they’ll immediately get to work first with assessing the crime scene. This assessment will be to determine exactly what sort of environment they’re dealing with to determine a plan of action.

3. Isolating The Scene

Isolating the immediate scene of the crime from the rest of your property is paramount. This will ensure efficiency in the cleanup by eliminating the risk of contaminating anywhere beyond the affected area.

4. Initial Cleanup

Biohazards from the crime scene (blood, bodily fluids, organic matter) are removed. Any damage to the property is noted for restoration, and debris is disposed of during this step.

5. Deep Sanitization 

With the use of high-powered disinfectants, previously cleaned areas are thoroughly treated. The air is treated as well to improve air quality and remove lingering odors with fogging and air scrubbing techniques.

6. The Restoration Process

We’ll restore any damage at the crime scene after sanitation and cleanup. This will bring the crime scene cleanup in Orlando, Florida to its close.


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Your Answer In A Difficult Moment

You have enough to worry about in the aftermath of a crime without worrying about the cleanup process too. Let us be the answer in a hard moment. You can contact United Water Restoration Group at (407) 278-7715 for crime scene cleanup in Orlando, Florida! 

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