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What Do You Do After A Fire?

After a fire, you may find yourself distraught at the situation. In addition to the dangers of fire itself, the aftermath can leave you with elevated levels of anxiety, stress, and a general feeling of hopelessness. If you’re in need of fire damage restoration in Ormond Beach, Florida, United Water Restoration Group is just the help you need.


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Our Fire Damage Restoration Process in Ormond Beach, Florida


1. Give Us a Call

You can contact us at (386) 677-1856. After inquiring about fire damage restoration in Ormond Beach, Florida, we can schedule an appointment that is based on your scheduling needs.

2. Property Damage Assessment

Once the team has arrived, we’ll be able to investigate the extent of the damage to determine the best way to approach restoring your property. This will serve as the foundational step for your fire damage restoration in Ormond Beach, Florida.

3. Shelter From The Elements

Damaged roofing will be covered with tarps, while walls and broken windows will be temporarily boarded up. This will prevent any additional damage to your property.

4. Erasing Water Damage

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Where there’s fire, there’s water used to stop it. Water damage left behind in the wake of fire fighting is a very real factor to consider, and we will take the necessary steps to address it as well as prevent the spread of mold and mildew. This is crucial during fire damage restoration in Ormond Beach, Florida.

5. Addressing Soot & Smoke Damage

Equipped with the proper equipment and professional knowledge, the team will meticulously remove smoke and soot from surface areas as well as address how deep it runs in certain materials.

6. Sanitization Process

Your personal items are treated by our professionals to restore them to pre-fire conditions. The air is properly scrubbed and fogged to purify the air and make it safe to breathe without protection once more.

7. Finishing The Job

Whether it’s minor repairs or major reconstruction, fire-affected areas are restored. Your fire damage restoration in Ormond Beach, Florida is now complete and the stress of the fire is officially in your rearview mirror.

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Don’t Delay, Call The Restoration Professionals Now

If you need a clean-up after a fire, let us aid you. Call United Water Restoration Group at (386) 677-1856 for fire damage restoration in Ormond Beach, Florida. We’re here for you.

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