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The Police Are Gone, Now What?

The crime scene tape is removed, the lights and sirens are gone, and you’re left with thoughts racing through your mind. After a crime takes place, emergency services do not clean a crime scene; often it falls to property owners. You shouldn’t have to take that burden on your shoulders. United Water Restoration Group offers crime scene cleanup in Tampa, Florida, and we’re only a call away.



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Our Crime Scene Cleanup Process in Tampa, Florida


1. Give Us a Call

Once emergency services have finished their work and have left the scene, you can contact us at (813) 305-7538. United Water Restoration Group offers crime scene cleanup in Tampa, Florida that can deal with anything and everything left behind so you don’t have to.

2. Initial Assessment

Upon our arrival, our professionals will assess the area of the crime scene to determine the situation. From biohazards to environmental damage, we’re equipped to handle it all.

3. Isolation

Our team will isolate the crime scene to prepare for cleanup and sanitation to prevent any additional messes during the process. Our team wants to help as much as possible amid crime scene cleanup in Tampa, Florida.

4. Initial Cleanup

Biohazards (such as blood, organic matter, bodily fluids) are carefully removed from the crime scene. Environmental damage is noted for restoration post-cleanup, while debris is removed.

5. Deep Sanitization

Using high-powered disinfectants, air purification methods such as fogging and air scrubbing, and the extensive knowledge of our professionals the crime scene undergo a full sanitization process. This is the most important step in crime scene cleanup in Tampa, Florida.

6. Restoration Process

After cleanup and sanitation have been completed, we’ll restore any environmental damage that occurred during the crime or as a result of emergency services. This will mark the final step in your property crime scene cleanup in Tampa, Florida.


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Don’t Delay, Call The Restoration Professionals Now

Cleanup of a crime scene shouldn’t be extra weight on your shoulders. In the face of a traumatic event, any ease of burden you can have will be a relief. For crime scene cleanup in Tampa, Florida reach out to United Water Restoration Group at (813) 305-7538.

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