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Aftermath: "What Do I Do Now?"

No one thinks they will be the victim of a property fire until it happens to them. Fire and smoke damage, damage from water, or extinguishing foams, can leave quite a mess in the wake of a blaze. Let United Water Restoration Group be your answer for fire damage restoration in Tampa, Florida.



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Our Fire Damage Restoration Process in Tampa, Florida


1. Give Us a Call

After a fire, we’ll be able to discuss your options towards a post-fire cleanup. United Water Restoration Group is available at (813) 305-7538 for fire damage restoration in Tampa, Florida.

2. Damage Assessment

Once on the scene, we will assess the extent of the damage. From excessive heat and burn damage to smoke damage. This involves a thorough inspection of the fire-damaged structure, furniture, and other personal belongings. This is a crucial foundation for proper fire damage restoration in Tampa, Florida.

3. Protecting Your Assets 

After the initial assessment, it will be important to cordon off the fire-affected area from the rest of your home, as well as to protect that area from outdoor elements. Windows and walls can be boarded up, and holes in the roof can be covered with tarps.

4. Addressing Water Damage

Whether it’s from water used to fight the fire, or pipes busted due to damage, water damage is a real factor in the aftermath of a fire. Our teams are experienced in dealing with water-damaged items, and know-how to remediate any potential mold and mildew you may experience as a result. This step during fire damage restoration in Tampa, Florida will ensure that you don’t swap one problem for another.

5. Soot & Smoke Removal

Our team is equipped with the knowledge and the equipment to remove smoke and soot from deep within your home and belongings to not only eliminate the obvious visual signs but lingering odors.

6. Sanitization Process

Fogging equipment and air scrubbers are used to make your air safe once more. Delicate items are treated by our professionals to try to bring them back to pre-fire conditions.

7. Final Touches & Restoration

Physical repairs to the fire-affected area can include small repairs and complete reconstruction. The fire damage restoration in Tampa, Florida is now complete.

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Don’t Delay, Call The Restoration Professionals Now

If you’re dealing with the aftermath of a fire, you can give yourself less stress by contacting United Water Restoration Group at (813) 305-7538 for fire damage restoration in Tampa, Florida. We can help you in your time of need, and with our fire damage restoration, you’ll be able to rest easy.

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