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Smoke damage has both short term and long term effects on your property. However, types of smoke damage do differ. It is important for you to understand which level of impact this form of damage will have on your home.

If you feel that only the areas of your property with scorch marks are the only places effected by fire damage, you are incorrect. Having a fire in your home means that there is widespread damage that may need repair. Consider contacting a professional for fire damage in West Palm, FL to inspect your home for further damage, even if it is only a small fire. Here are the four types of fire and smoke damage that can be causing destruction in your home.

  • Dry Smoke Residue – Dry smoke residue occurs when fires burn very hot and very quickly. This smoke is primarily dry, powdery and does not smear or move as much.
  • Wet Smoke Residue – Wet smoke residue occurs when there are low heat fires that smolder over time. This residue is sticky and smears to the touch. It also carries a foul, noticeable smell that cannot be ignored. Cleanup is much more difficult and may require an expert in fire damage in West Palm, FL.
  • Protein Residue – Protein residue will discolor your walls, varnish, paints and other finishes within your home. There are no other visible signs of damage as this form of residue is harder to detect. It can cause a very strong smell over time if not removed properly.
  • Fuel/Oil Residue – Residue from fuel and oil is rarer as these are not products that will always be in a home at the time of a fire. In case of this type of fire, the usual forms of damage include the puff back from a furnace. This is very sticky, dirty and challenging to clean without assistance.

If you are looking for a professional in smoke damage and removal in West Palm, FL, contact the services of UnitedWaterRestoration.com. We offer a full inspection and cleaning of your home to determine the best possible process for smoke damage removal. Contact us today at 561.325.8263.