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The exposure of your family to mold can be a serious health risk. The best solution is to remove all molds from your home before you or your family members get sick from the pollution of mold spores through your house. In many cases, it becomes necessary to receive assistance from an experienced company in mold restoration in West Palm, FL for accurate removal. Here are just some of the health risks to you and your family if mold is not under control within your home.

  • Discomfort – The first stage in many health complaints associated with mold and mold spores is itchy, watery eyes and throat. This can be caused by allergies or in some sensitive people; it can just be uncomfortable to be in a home with mold. Symptoms include eye irritation, wheezing, and possibly skin irritation.
  • Life threatening – Immunosuppressed individuals, it can be life threatening to be in contact with mold spores in a home that they spend a lot of time. For example, the CDC found that it can compromise individuals with chronic lung illnesses, and can cause serious lung infections that can cause further damage. It is recommended for all individuals with these types of issues should stay away from compost piles, cut grass or wooded areas. It is imperative to consult a specialist of mold restoration in West Palm, FL for homes that have residents that are children or elderly people.
  • Chronic – Chronic respiratory sufferers include asthmatics. It can be very uncomfortable for those with asthma to live in a home that has mold. It can cause shortness of breath, chronic headaches, difficulty breathing, persistent coughing, and eyes, throat and nose irritation. For chronic sufferers of allergies and asthma, it is important to consult a professional for mold remediation and mold restoration in West Palm, FL before health concerns can become more intense.

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