Water, Fire, Mold Damage?
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Discovering mold in your home or business is never pleasant. Dealing with the aftermath of a storm or home emergency may require finding a company to help with water damage restoration in West Palmhttps://unitedwaterrestoration.com/westpalm/mold-damage-restoration-west-palm-fl/. You may find mold that is related to problems like flooding, plumbing leaks or wet building materials. From drying the impacted area to removing mold that has contaminated large areas, water damage restoration in West Palm can be an involved process.

To help you understand the causes of mold and potential risks of leaving it unaddressed, here are 5 things everyone should know about mold.

  1. Having a small amount of mold is normal. Mold spores can grow indoors and outdoors, and eliminating all mold is not feasible. However, controlling moisture will help prevent mold from becoming a problem.
  2. Mold can develop and spread in as little as 24 to 48 hours. Emergencies that soak building materials should therefore be dealt with immediately. When you need water damage restoration in West Palm, look for a company that can quickly provide services and prevent the problem from worsening.
  3. Mold effects people in different ways. Sometimes even a small amount of mold can have a negative impact on your health. Exposure to certain types of mold can aggravate asthma and cause respiratory problems like wheezing, shortness of breath or infection.
  4. Natural light can help prevent mold growth, as it helps areas stay dry. In dark, damp areas mold is more likely to develop.
  5. Mold feeds on building materials. When moisture is present along with this food source, mold will spread. Organic materials that mold can feed on include leaves, paper products, wood or dirt.

The moment you detect mold growth in your home or business, it’s time to do something. In addition to cleaning mold, make sure you dry the area and eliminate the source of moisture. If the mold has spread to more than 10 square feet, then you may need professional to get the situation under control. The professionals at United Water Restoration offer clean up services that involve assessment, containment, filtration, removal, drying, repair and testing. If you have questions about mold remediation, call (561) 325-8263.