Water, Fire, Mold Damage?
Get Immediate Help


When your home has suffered from the humidity in West Palm, professional mold removal may be the best solution for you. Sometimes mold and mildew leave a pesky residue that only requires a bit of elbow grease to remove. However, when dark splotches on the ceiling start to spread or make it difficult to breath, then it might be time to stop scrubbing and find a mold remediation company to come to your aid.

Common signs that you have a critical mold problem:

Size of Damage
If the dark area covered by mold has spread to an area that is more than 10 square feet, it is likely that a thorough cleaning on your own won’t be able to solve your problem.
Air Contamination
If you’re noticed areas of water damage and mold evidence by the heating/ventilation/air conditioning (HVAC) system in your home, mold may be spreading through your home. Refrain from using this system until you know that air ducts are clear.
Depth of Damage
Once mold begins to penetrate the walls and disturb insulation, it’s usually time to find a West Palm professional mold removal company. A leak in the wall can cause drywall and other materials to foster mold growth.
Water Contamination
Extracting water on your own can be difficult. Contaminated water and sewage problems can lead to mold development that should be evaluated by a West Palm professional mold removal company.
Health Issues
If you start to suffer from respiratory issues that are aggravated by an area with mold, you may have mold allergies. You may experience symptoms of mold allergies such as skin and eye irritation, congestion and wheezing. A small amount of mold can cause a reaction and can be an indication of mold developing in places that are not visible.

Leaving mold problems alone, rather than addressing the problem can result in the spores spreading. If moisture remains in the air, the temperature is hospitable and building materials (like wood, paper and organic fibers) feed mold, the fungi will spread. By removing any of these elements, you can slow down the mold growth. When you’ve tried cleaning and removing the moisture source with no improvement in the mold situation, call the mold remediation specialists at (561)325-8263 with your questions.