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What is Water Extraction?

Water damage restoration is a time sensitive issue that can only become more imperative over time. The longer water damage is in your home, the more harmful the affects can be to you and your family. Mold spores spread throughout your home rapidly and can cause illness in your loved-ones as well as pets. Professional water damage repair in West Palm, FL can be found at United Water Restoration. Our experienced team can fulfill your water damage repair needs and have you feeling confident in our results. Here is what our process at UWRG looks like for most home and business owners:

  • Assess – Assessing the damage of the water is the first and most vital step of the evaluation process. This helps to determine the Category of the damage and the type of stagnant water that remains in your home. A Category 1 would be considered safe water such as dishwasher water or from other appliances that may have been faulty. Category 2 consists of moderately affected water such as slight runoff or a broken pipe. Finally, Category 3 is a contaminated water source such as sewage. Water damage repair in Gainesville can then begin after the initial assessment is complete.
  • Extraction and Drying – Removing the water includes extraction from any area that is seen as well as concealed. All water must be expertly removed so that mold spores would not re-appear. Future growth of the mold would result in the spreading of bacteria. The microorganisms found in mold can cause your family to become sick and even hospitalized as our bodies cannot always fight off the mold spores.
  • Cleaning – Finally, cleaning every surface is important so that the affected areas do not regrow any form of mold. This final cleanup includes all equipment as well as all surfaces in the space affected. All dirt and mold is then removed to leave your house as healthy as possible after the mold is cleared.

For water damage repair in West Palm, FL, contact us today at United Water Restoration. Our expertise is second to none and will leave your home safe and mold-free.