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2022 Hurricane Season Preparedness Guide


Hurricane season is amongst us and this one is predicted to be another severe one. With horrendous hurricane activity remaining ready is vigilant. Stay informed by being ready at a day’s notice if the disaster takes a wrong turn. For instance, stocking up on key essentials and creating a hurricane plan ahead of time can help keep the family safe.

United Water Restoration Group would like to discuss the 2022 hurricane season and the hurricane season in Florida. We would like to provide you with a few tips to help prepare you for the upcoming season. If you have never dealt with a hurricane season in Florida, these tips can greatly assist you in preventing extreme damage or being stuck in a compromising situation. 

Hurricane Season in Florida Preparation

Hurricane season in Florida suffers from disastrous effects every season. Each hurricane season begins June 1st and ends on November 30th. With our professional 2022 hurricane season tips, you can be prepared and potentially avoid a disastrous situation.

Plan How to Handle The Disaster

Devise a plan in case eventuation is necessary. Turn off all utilities and follow community-recommended guidelines.

Prepare Outdoor Assets

Install hurricane shutters on windows, doors, and skylights. If necessary place plywood on windows/doors instead as last-minute protection. Bring all outdoor items indoors, such as furniture, toys, and potted plants. This is the time to move your car to a secure location, either enclosed or away from trees and powerlines.


Fill ‘em Up!

Fill your car’s gas tank and store excess gasoline in proper storage containers. Additionally, if you have access to a generator, test it! Make sure the generator still runs to supply necessary household power.

Draw Up an Internal Plan

Meanwhile, draw up an internal plan. This is when you unplug all appliances, so nothing gets damaged from power outages or lightning strikes. DO NOT forget to store all important documents in a dry, secure location.

Pack Your Kit and Identify Shelter

Collect a variety of batteries, flashlights, a portable radio, non-perishables, bottled water, blankets, first aid supplies, and cash. Put all of these items into a kit located in your designated shelter room. This can be a room on the first floor of a home, centralized away from windows.

Post a 2022 hurricane season incident only return to your household once it is designated as safe! Flooding is extremely common with hurricane impacts – check flood zones near you. Once back at your property, check for any flood signs or wet spots.

If there is evidence of potential water damage, this could turn into mold damage. If you notice dark spots or any strong smells contact our restoration experts at (800) 430-5838. Although hurricane season in Florida is very disastrous, preparing everywhere up the coastline is equally important.