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After Death Cleaning Services

After death cleaning services

Unattended deaths are fairly common amongst those who live alone and don’t have family visits often. These types of deaths happen often, and can really take a person by surprise. Unattended deaths are when someone passes away and their body is not discovered for a considerable amount of time. This can be anywhere from a few days to even a few months.

The unfortunate reality behind these situations is that they are complicated and messy. The longer the body sits, the more damage it will cause. These situations are not something you should clean on your own. Harmful bacteria are released as well as foul odors. These types of situations require professional equipment to properly and safely clean. 

United Water Restoration Group, a company that provides unattended death cleanup, would like to further explain these services. 

Unattended Deaths And You

When an unattended death has been discovered, you’ll likely need certified professionals offering after death cleanup services. Within minutes, decomposition has started. Left unattended, within days an intact body can start to show signs of decomposition on the outside.

Emergency personnel will investigate the scene and move the body. However, the cleanup itself falls on you, and that’s not something most people realize.  After death cleaning services can be a solution that helps alleviate the stress from this task. 

Even after the body has been removed there can still be a mess left behind. Including bodily waste, biohazardous materials, and odor decomposition entails left behind. The longer the body has been there, the larger the undertaking to restore the area will be.

To take on that burden yourself is an undertaking that most just aren’t trained for. At United Water Restoration Group we can answer the call with our technicians trained in after death cleaning services.

The Answer To Your Questions

United Water Restoration Group offers a number of services to our customers, including after death cleaning services. If you’ve experienced an unattended death in your family, or your own property where an unattended death has occurred, we can be on the scene within minutes after you’ve contacted us. 

Our professionally trained technicians will treat the situation with your privacy in mind, ready to clean the site with discretion and respect. Our technicians have the knowledge and the equipment necessary to undertake any after death cleaning project that will restore the site to pre-death conditions.

A loved one can’t be brought back, an unattended death can’t be undone, but our professionals can restore the site itself back to normal so that there isn’t a tangible reminder of the death on top of the memory of it.

Call Today

If you find yourself in need of after death cleaning services, contact United Water Restoration Group today at (800) 430-5838. Our service line is open 24/7 year-round, and we can have a professionally trained technician dispatched to you immediately. 

When you’re dealing with an unattended death, you want the professional touch on your side. Let us be there for you.