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Crime & Death Scene Cleanup Services

Crime & Death Scene Cleanup

Do you want help handling crime and death scene cleanup? If so, the United Water Restoration Group is here to help you. We provide crime and trauma scene cleanup for the owners of both residential and business properties. Call us at (800) 430-5838 to begin the restoration process.

Generally, you must wait until after the police are finished with a crime scene before beginning cleanup procedures. We can spring into action after the police finish their work. Our cleanup crews have the experience, training, and equipment to return your property to pristine condition.

Get Help from Experienced Crime Scene Cleanup Crews

Crime and death scene cleanup requires special considerations. Criminal acts and trauma can leave behind dangerous pathogens that make your home or business unsafe. We use EPA and OSHA protocols to quickly return your property to a clean and safe condition.

Note that it is advised that you do not try to handle crime or death scene cleanup on your own. Protective gear should be worn when cleaning up crime scenes or areas where the trauma occurred. Our death scene cleanup crews have the equipment and training to properly restore your property.

We also move quickly to help you. This means you will not have to deal with the mess associated with a crime scene for a lengthy period of time.

We Thoroughly Clean Death or Crime Scenes

Our team understands what it takes to fully restore your property. We’re here to assist you by removing:

  •         Fingerprint power
  •         Chemicals used to gather evidence
  •         Residue from pepper spray or tear gas
  •         Residue from a fire extinguisher

Many of these items are used by police officers as they investigate a crime scene. However, they do not always clean up after they finish their investigations. Fortunately, our team can step in to clean up a death or crime scene for you. This can help you get back your peace of mind after a traumatic event occurred on your property.

Handle the Clean-Up of Organic Pathogens

Trauma or death scenes often leave behind biological pathogens. We are here to help in this situation. Our technicians can dispose of:

  •         Tissue
  •         Bodily fluids
  •         Blood

Do not touch or handle biological substances without protective gear, as this could lead to illness or other side effects. Allow us to disinfect your home or business. We can also focus on removing odors and stains from a crime or death scene.

Our team knows how to dispose of all crime scene residues left behind in your home or business. We’ll repair any damage to your property. Start moving forward with your life after a crime occurred on your property by reaching out to us right now.

Contact Us for Crime and Death Scene Cleanup

Don’t wait to get help with crime and death scene cleanup. Just reach out to the team at United Water Restoration Group to get the assistance you want. We’re available when you complete our online contact form or call (800) 430-5838. Take charge of your future by contacting us now.