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What Qualifies For Emergency Water Damage Restoration?


Emergency water damage restoration services can greatly assist a property owner and help prevent further damage, but what counts as an emergency? While many property owners experience water damage, not all require emergency restoration services for assistance. For some, the restoration process may not need emergency services. 


At United Water Restoration Group, we provide emergency water damage restoration services. In the event that we rule your case an emergency, our team can be at your property in under an hour! With some water damage situations not being labeled as an emergency, we at United Water Restoration Group would like to discuss what helps a situation become classified as an emergency. 


Scope of Damage

One of the first important factors for emergency water damage restoration services is the scope of the damage. If your damage is limited to a single room or a small area, it likely will not qualify for emergency services. If the scope of damage extends to multiple rooms or is a multi-story problem, there’s a better chance of qualifying. However, the scope of the damage is not the only factor for emergency water damage restoration services.


Cause of The Damage

If your problem is persistent and water damage is a continuous threat to your property, you may qualify for emergency water damage restoration. If your problem is quick and your property is not at risk of further damage, it can depend on other factors as well. The cause of the damage is important for our technicians as it can tell us if your property is at risk of further damage. 


A flood poses a significant risk, as well as events such as bigger leaks or, can cause enough concern for emergency water damage restoration services. 


Is Your Problem Ongoing?

It’s not to say you won’t qualify for emergency water damage restoration services without an ongoing issue, but it is a big factor. One of the most important factors for our emergency services is to help prevent further damage to your property. If the damage is ongoing and continuous, our team will be at your property in under an hour to assist. One problem we can instantly assist with is shutting off the water to prevent further damage as a result of a broken water line or a malfunctioning appliance. 


Category of Water Damage

Water damage has certain categories that may render your property in need of emergency services. The higher the level, the more risk is associated with the water. Category 1 water damage is generally clear, clean water is coming from a water supply line or a clean source. Category 2 is where water damage becomes murkier, less clear, and often referred to as gray water, this form of water damage may contain microorganisms. Category 2 water damage typically results from broken toilets, sump pumps, or seepage. Category 3 water damage, generally referred to as black water and contains bacteria and organisms that can cause sickness. Black water is the most dangerous type of water damage and typically results from sewage problems. While having a higher category of water damage isn’t the only factor for emergency water damage restoration services, it is an important one. 


Need Water Damage Restoration Services?

If your property is experiencing water damage, contact our service line at (800) 430-5838 for assistance. Our service line can better help determine if you qualify for emergency water damage restoration services and can dispatch a team to be at your property in under an hour!