Fire damage restoration can help bring peace of mind to damaged goods or residence caused by fire. At United Water Restoration, we take pride in servicing South Florida with our Fire Damage Restoration service. A fire can start in most environments and through the following factors:

  1. The fire from electricity produced by power
  2. Surge of cables can catch fire
  3. Irresponsible smoking
  4. Candlesticks and/or other relevant resources

Fire prevention and damage recovery are the key aspects in fire damage restoration. Although the fire is put out and you and your family are safe, the inevitable process of fire insurance coverage comes into play. As fire restoration experts, United Water Restoration provides solutions for residential and commercial property damage due to a fire. Fire damage is serious business. If you’ve recently been through a fire, then restoration is critical to get you back into the home or business that you have worked so hard to maintain. Our technicians have the experience to get your home or business back to the way it was before the fire damage. Contact us to discuss your situation: 800-743-2064. Do not hesitate to call us for water damage, flood and or a reference for a respected plumbing company.