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What Are Average Water Damage Repair Costs?

water damage repair costs

What Affects Average Water Damage Repair Costs?

When flooding impacts your home or business, building materials like drywall, wood and metal can be affected. However, when it comes to restoration, few are as difficult to replace than carpeting. Carpet water damage restoration cost can quickly add up into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on the severity of the flood. If you are facing this issue, there are a few factors you might want to consider as you attempt to estimate the cost of carpeting damage.

How Many Floors Were Affected?

If your home or business was affected by serious flooding in more than one carpeted area, the cost of repair and replacement may be considerable. Flooding on higher floors may also affect carpeting on the floor below if there is leakage from the ceiling.

It is a good idea to have each level checked carefully before contacting a carpet replacement service. If the flooding on upper levels was severe, have a safety inspector check the building to ensure it is safe to enter before you begin to assess carpet damage.

The Severity of the Flood

Flooding can have a variety of sources, from a broken pipe in the kitchen to outdoor floods that occur as the result of violent storms. Depending on the severity of the flood, your carpeting may be salvageable, especially if:

  • The water comes from a sanitary source
  • The flood is contained to one room
  • Floodwaters are drained away quickly

Calling in a professional water damage service like United Water Restoration Group can be helpful in gauging the severity of a flood and for preparing a carpet damage estimate, especially if you have never dealt with flood damage before. Professional technicians can offer information about average water damage repair costs, flood water conditions and other vital details that might impact the cost of carpet replacement.

Mold Damage

Mold growth can be a serious problem after a flood, and carpeting is especially vulnerable. Mold can start to form under carpet padding within 24 hours of the initial flooding and often grows undetected if the area is not cleaned and dried properly.

Once carpeting starts to mold, it should be replaced, as spores can break away and spread to other rooms via foot traffic and your HVAC system. Since moldy carpeting is best removed by professionals, the cost is something to consider when preparing your estimate.

Your Insurance Deductible

If you have flood insurance, then it is a good idea to contact your local representative as soon as possible to discuss your deductible and how it might impact the cost of restoration. The insurance company may send over an inspector who can help you determine your level of coverage. If the inspector cannot arrive within 48-72 hours of the flood, document the damage with photos and send them to your agent before you begin cleanup efforts, as providing proof of the incident can support any claim you file.

The Cost of Existing Carpeting

Carpet water damage restoration cost can vary widely depending on the type of carpeting that must be replaced. For example, wall-to-wall carpeting will likely be more expensive to replace than an industrial type, which could be disinfected and dried instead of replaced thanks to its overall durability. If your carpeting was installed by professionals, refer to their instructions for cleaning the material. However, if they recommend you replace the carpeting, ask them for a cost estimate.

Your Financial Situation

As you prepare damage estimates for your ruined carpeting, it is wise to consider your current financial standing and create a restoration budget. For example, if more than one room was affected by flooding and your insurance does not cover any of the replacement costs, consider repairing one room at a time. This can help you keep your finances under control and give you time to plan for a variety of choices that may include:

  • Carpeting type and color
  • Padding costs
  • Installation options

The more time you devote to creating a viable budget, the more confident you may feel about the restoration process. If aesthetics are a concern, consider putting down temporary runners and other types of removable carpeting in affected rooms until they can be restored permanently.

Carpet water damage restoration cost can be difficult to face when flooding affects your home or business. However, when you know which factors to consider as you plan restoration efforts, such knowledge may make the path to repair and replacement simpler.