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How To Get Your Fire Damage Cleanup Started Immediately After The Fire

fire damage cleanup

Fire damage will worsen over time until a complete cleanup takes place. A partial cleanup that overlooks materials that cause re-contamination wastes time and money and will likely result in additional damage. Owners of residences and buildings should take the following measures to schedule timely fire damage cleanup by trained professionals in your area.

When it comes to finding the best fire damage cleanup near me, United Water Restoration Group can connect you with the leading restoration companies across the nation that provide the right cleanup and mitigation services for any structure damaged by fire.

Make Sure the Fire Is Out

Some types of fires and structural layouts increase the risk of hidden fires. Even after the main blaze appears to have been extinguished, a hidden fire can continue burning behind walls and end up causing a total loss.

Even if a small fire seems to be out, it is still a good idea to have firefighters inspect the premises. As soon as the property owner has confirmed that the fire is out, the next concern is finding a qualified fire damage cleanup service in your region. The best services should call back quickly and arrive on-site within hours.

Rely on a Trusted Restoration Network

Property owners who search for “fire damage cleanup near me” will have to sort through numerous reviews based on experiences with very different types of fires in residential or commercial circumstances. When a property owner contacts United Water Restoration Group, we consider all of the unique considerations in each case to match each customer with the best available cleanup company in his or her area.

Whether a property owner is dealing with a kitchen fire or another type of contained blaze that has only damaged a portion of a structure or the aftermath of a large conflagration that may have caused large-scale structural damage, it is beneficial to rely on the expertise of the most experienced and qualified specialists for your situation. We only partner with trained professionals who have all of the bonding and licensing necessary to operate in your state.

Connect With a Local Service

Within hours of reporting damage to United Water Restoration and being linked with a local service, representatives from a fire damage cleanup company should arrive on site. Their first priority will be inspecting and documenting the full extent of damage to calculate the most accurate estimate possible. This information is also necessary to make a fire damage claim on a homeowner’s or commercial property insurance policy. Depending on the cause of the fire, either a portion or the majority of cleanup and rebuilding expenses may be covered.

Get a Cleanup and Repair Estimate

Experts can quickly assess the condition of a property and determine the full extent of fire damage. A detailed and accurate estimate from a vendor that is preferred by insurance companies may support faster claim settlement. Depending on the severity of fire damage, cleanup can take anywhere from days to weeks.

Fire damage cleanup will usually start with the removal of any standing water from extinguishing efforts followed by the elimination of soot and smoke damage. While it may be possible to clean some surfaces and have contents cleaned using specialized techniques, it will be necessary to dispose of and replace charred building materials and contents.

Start Cleanup As Soon As Possible

It may be possible to limit the severity of secondary damage by quickly taking mitigation measures such as boarding up holes in the walls or roof of a structure to keep out the elements, debris, and trespassers. If a property owner needs these services, he or she may want to consider whether to work with multiple specialists or an all-in-one service to complete the damage cleanup and restoration process.

These measures can help property owners avoid further damage due to hidden fires or intensified primary or secondary damage. When it comes to scheduling cleanup or mitigation, it is important to act quickly, ideally within hours. The degree of fire damage or combined fire and water damage will worsen substantially the longer it takes for cleanup to begin. Rather than searching for “fire damage cleanup near me,” contact the helpful experts at United Water Restoration Group to connect with damage cleanup and restoration professionals in your area.