Extra moisture can result in structural damage and harmful mold growth to your residence. You should always make sure that you have proper drainage around your home. Here are a few ways to ensure that the water is draining AWAY from your house and not TO it.

Rainwater collecting around the base of your house is never a good sign. The ground around the base will eventually become saturated as the water has nowhere to go, resulting in cracks and foundation shifts. A drainage system or gutters are effective solutions to directing the water away. For some houses, gutters may not always be possible. Even in heavy rain, gutters may not be enough.

Make sure that the ground around the house slopes away from the foundation. One way to create a slope is to use clean fill or gravel. Always make sure that it’s not permeable material, as it will only absorb the water instead of leading it away from the house. The combination of gutters and slopes can boost your prevention in flooding or structural damage. By investing in a drainage system, you are protecting your foundation and helping yourself prevent major repair costs.