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Tips for Preventing Hurricane Damage 2021


As hurricane season 2021 comes to an end, our storm experts at United Water Restoration Group have some tips for home and business owners to avoid hurricane damage during the last few months. October always seems to be a rough month for how rapidly hurricanes have formed in the past years. Staying vigilant and preparing before a hurricane is spotted is important and can reduce the damage done to your property and keep your family safe.

Install Shutters

The installation of hurricane shutters can prevent hurricane damage in the 2021 season. These shutters cover windows on a house and can come in retractable or year-round layouts. The year-round stay there until you unscrew them, while retractable go up and down. They protect the windows of your home, which can be expensive to replace, and do not provide entry into the home for the wind. Shutters are an investment and take time to install, you can’t just put them as a hurricane is about to strike.

Invest in Hurricane Glass

A specially designed glass that can withstand high hurricane winds and flying debris hitting the window. The glass can be costly, but unlike normal glass, this one can withstand high winds and has a higher chance to survive possible hurricane damage. Once again, this is something you should invest in before a hurricane approaches. 

Protect your Windows and Doors

Using plywood to brace windows and doors can be a quick, last defense. If a door or window breaks during a hurricane the gusts and debris are free to enter your home. The last thing you want is shattered glass on the floor or storm debris flying throughout the house.

Secure Garage Doors

Garage doors are very fragile, making them prone to hurricane damage. Investing in garage door braces can secure the inside by anchoring them to the garage door and floor for backbone support. If a garage door tears open it will leave your house roof and walls exposed. Protect your garage door from hurricane damage this 2021 season.

Strengthen your Roof Shingles

Two ways to reinforce your home from hurricane damage is to nail the bottoms of shingles to the roof, not just the top. Also, adding hurricane straps to your roof. Hurricane straps are designed to keep the roof on the house, while typically roofs are designed to keep roofs upon the house. So this strap can provide a secondary defense against the possible 2021 hurricane season.

Utilize Temporary Flood Barriers

It can be hard to stop water from coming into your house, but one way you can postpone entry or stop it altogether is using floor barriers. Some examples of temporary flood barriers are sandbags, portable walls, water-filled tubes, or other obstruction items. These barriers aren’t the total defense against flood damage, but they can help save your home from smaller storm surges or needing complete restoration. 

Trim Nearby Trees

Hurricanes can knock over even the strongest of trees from your property. It is wise to trim or chop down a tree that causes potential hazards if it falls over. The distance between your home and a tree should be greater than the height the tree will reach when it is fully grown.

Purchase Flood Insurance

Take the above precautions to prevent any potential hurricane damage. If any damage does result from a hurricane a good investment is flood insurance. This won’t protect your home from damage, but if something gets ruined then the insurance can help recover it.

Hurricane Damage 2021 Restoration Experts

With these eight tips on preventing and fixing hurricane damage for the 2021 season, you can be prepared. There are plenty of ways to avoid hurricane damage as preparation before a hurricane impacts your community. Post-hurricane damage can be more expensive to recover as opposed to preventatives. Our hurricane damage 2021 experts are always on standby at (800) 430-5838.

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