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UWRG Charlotte Gives Seasonal Mold Prevention Tips on Spectrum News

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United Water Restoration Group of Charlotte was recently featured in the Charlotte news, where they shared valuable mold prevention tips on how to prevent microbial growth and reduce indoor allergens during the spring season. This appearance served as a reminder to homeowners that spring brings increased humidity levels and temperatures, which create the perfect conditions for mold growth.

Low Humidity Levels are Key

During their appearance on the news, the experts from United Water Restoration Group of Charlotte provided a wealth of information on how to detect and prevent mold growth in your home. They emphasized the importance of regular inspections and maintenance, as well as the use of high-quality air filters to reduce allergens. One of the tips they shared was the importance of keeping indoor humidity levels low.

Proper Ventilation is Essential

This can be achieved by using a dehumidifier to reduce moisture levels in areas with high moisture such as bathrooms, basements, and kitchens. They also recommended proper ventilation to increase air circulation, especially during and after showering or cooking.

Inspect for Leaks and Water Damage

The experts from United Water Restoration Group of Charlotte also stressed the need to inspect homes for leaks and water damage. Leaks and water spills create ideal conditions for mold growth, and prompt repairs and cleanup can prevent future problems.

Regular Cleaning is Crucial

Another crucial tip they provided was the importance of regular cleaning to reduce indoor allergens such as dust mites, pet dander, and pollen. They recommended vacuuming carpets and upholstery, mopping hard floors, and dusting surfaces with a damp cloth. They also cautioned against using harsh cleaning products that can irritate airways and exacerbate allergies.

Use Mold-Resistant Products

To prevent future mold growth and reduce indoor allergens, the experts from United Water Restoration Group of Charlotte suggested using mold-resistant products when remodeling or renovating your home. These products, such as drywall, paint, and flooring, are designed to resist mold growth and can help prevent future problems.

Beware of Outdoor Allergens

During the spring season, outdoor allergens such as pollen can easily make their way into your home. The experts from United Water Restoration Group of Charlotte recommended closing windows and doors on high pollen days, and using air purifiers or HEPA filters to reduce indoor allergens.

Contact United Water Restoration Group For Assistance

In conclusion, the appearance of United Water Restoration Group of Charlotte on the news was a timely reminder to homeowners to take proactive steps to prevent mold growth and reduce indoor allergens during the spring season. By following the mold prevention tips and guidelines they provided, homeowners can protect their families from harmful contaminants and enjoy the spring season with peace of mind.

If you’re looking for additional assistance with identifying microbial growth or removing mold colonies on your property, contact United Water Restoration Group for expert assistance by visiting our website or calling 800-430-5838.